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   Online Culture & Community   
Volunteer tasks completed, in whole or in part, via the Internet and a home or work computer.
  Vote >> Quality: 7/10.
  Rev: george01 08/26/2004
   Culture Shapes Community   
An initiative funded by the Ford Foundation and managed by Partners for Livable Communities.
  Vote >> Quality: 6/10.
  Rev: norby 02/21/2007
   Chinese Culture And Community Service Center Inc.   
Official website of the Chinese culture and community center.
  Vote >> Quality: 6/10.
  Rev: norby 02/21/2007
   Mix Your World - Urban Culture And Community   
Information on the urban culture community, including weblogs and other features.
  Vote >> Quality: 6/10.
  Rev: norby 07/02/2008
   Centre Of Expertise on Culture and Communities   
Organization created to study the role of culture in communities from Canada, analyzing the state of cultural infrastructure in the country, local planning and other aspects.
  Vote >> Quality: 6/10.
  Rev: norby 06/10/2009
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